MK Battery

MK Battery is a premium manufacturer and distributor of high quality sealed lead acid, AGM and wet batteries. MK is owned by battery conglomerate East Penn and is based in Southern California.     Apex Battery is a preferred distributor of MK Batteries. You can find the available part numbers on Apex below: MK ES4-6SA… Read more »

Odyssey Battery Spec Chart

Length Width Height Volts Amps Cranking Amps Reserve Weight Terminals Odyssey battery PC310 138mm 86mm 101mm 12 8 100 9 3kg M4 Bolt Odyssey battery PC535 170mm 99mm 156mm 12 14.8 200 21 5kg M6 Bolt Odyssey battery PC545 178mm 86mm 132mm 12 14 185 18 5kg M6 Bolt Odyssey battery PC545MJ 180mm 88mm 133mm… Read more »

Finding a Vision Brand CP1290 Battery

Are you having trouble finding a Vision CP1290 Battery? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Often time when you go to replace you battery in your UPS unit, garage door, security system or any other case where you need a SLA battery, you go online and look for the exact model of your… Read more »

G750 Battery Charger by Noco Genius

The G750 Noco Genius Smart Charger has taken the battery charger world by storm. Okay, there isn’t really a battery charger world or following, but if there was, the G750 Battery Charger by Noco would have taken it by storm. More often then not, people are charging their SLA and AGM batteries incorrectly. You can’t… Read more »

Optima Marine Battery

Here are some of the Optima Marine Batteries we have for sale on   . . OPTIMA 34M BlueTop Battery $238.70 . OPTIMA D31M BlueTop Battery $341.00 . OPTIMA D34M BlueTop Battery $278.30 OPTIMA TrollFury 12 Volt Battery $513.81

Electra Scoot N Go Battery by Invacare

With the Invacare Electra you can easily get around in shopping centres, supermarkets and even small shops. The maneuverability micro scooter provides safety and comfort in compact spaces. A lightweight aluminium chassis allows you to easily transport the Invacare Electra between locations. The Electra Scooter Battery is a 12v 12ah F1 Battery. The Scoot N Go Battery… Read more »

How do I know what 12 Volt Scooter Battery goes in my Scooter?

There are 3 different Batteries that you can put in your Scooter. They are the 12v 7ah scooter battery, 12v 8ah scooter battery and the 12v 9ah scooter battery which are all the same size batteries with F2 terminals.  All of these will work as a 12 Volt Scooter Battery, but which one is best?… Read more »

Golf Cart & Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

A lack of knowledge about basic golf cart battery maintenance can lead to all kinds of problems.  Now, just because a golf cart battery maybe labeled as maintenance free or Gel, doesn’t mean  it doesn’t need a little love and care.  Make sure you keep the post clean, a little baking soda and toothbrush will clean it… Read more »

Razor E300 Scooter battery

With Christmas season just around the corner, what better gift to give a child then a razor E300!!!Its a battery operated scooter that can run for hours if you have the proper E300 battery. The 24v system runs off of two 12 volt 7 ampere hour batteries. If your looking to increase your child’s exciting ride time you can purchase a Razor E300… Read more »

UB1280 12v 8ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

The UB1280 is one of the most popular small sealed lead acid batteries on the market, it shares the same size and use as the 12v 7ah and 12v 7.2 amp hour batteries as interestingly these were the precursor to the ub1280.  The UB1270 (pictured below) while once very popular has fallen out of favor with… Read more »

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