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MK Battery

MK Battery is a premium manufacturer and distributor of high quality sealed lead acid, AGM and wet batteries. MK is owned by battery conglomerate East Penn and is based in Southern California.     Apex Battery is a preferred distributor of MK Batteries. You can find the available part numbers on Apex below: MK ES4-6SA… Read more »

G750 Battery Charger by Noco Genius

G750 Battery Charger

The G750 Noco Genius Smart Charger has taken the battery charger world by storm. Okay, there isn’t really a battery charger world or following, but if there was, the G750 Battery Charger by Noco would have taken it by storm. More often then not, people are charging their SLA and AGM batteries incorrectly. You can’t… Read more »

Apex Battery Popular Items has high quality batteries and the lowest prices online! Check out some of our hottest items like the MK 8A31 AGM Marine Battery, 12v 250ah 8D Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery,  Universal UB-8D GEL 12 Volts 250 Amp-Hours SLA Battery, APC Smart-UPS UXBP24 Battery, LifeLine GPL-4DL Battery, 6 Volt 200 ah Group 27 UB62000 AGM Battery, Universal Power Group UB-4D AGM Battery,… Read more »

New post test 2

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