Electra Scoot N Go Battery by Invacare

With the Invacare Electra you can easily get around in shopping centres, supermarkets and even small shops. The maneuverability micro scooter provides safety and comfort in compact spaces. A lightweight aluminium chassis allows you to easily transport the Invacare Electra between locations. The Electra Scooter Battery is a 12v 12ah F1 Battery. The Scoot N Go Battery is currently on sale at www.ApexBattery.com

Control and Safety while shopping
The Invacare Electra has a comfortable padded seat with a built-in swivel functionality and supportive “flip up” width adjustable armrests. An easy to read control panel includes a battery indicator showing the remaining capacity.

Shop from the boot of your car
The compact and portable Invacare Electra can be easily disassembled and lifted into a car boot. No tools are needed to re-assemble the scooter. The magnetic brake will ensure a safe drive at all times. The Scoot N Go Battery is maintenance free and gives you a long cycle life to take the Scooter out for the day.

Available in Sapphire Blue (shown) or Vinyl Black

Scoot N Go Battery

Electra Scooter Battery

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