Razor E300 Scooter battery

With Christmas season just around the corner, what better gift to give a child then a razor E300!!!Its a battery operated scooter that can run for hours if you have the proper E300 battery. The 24v system runs off of two 12 volt 7 ampere hour batteries. If your looking to increase your child’s exciting ride time you can purchase a Razor E300 Scooter Battery, or a  UB1290, which give your extra ampere for a great price!!


By purchasing the Razor E300 Scooter Battery or the UB1290, you will see a significant increase the scooters ride time up to two hours longer, without recharging. Plus you get a better performing battery at a lower cost then a new seven amp hour battery form the manufacturer. Hurry up and and purchase an extra  Razor Scooter Battery and you will  not be left standing still.