UB1280 12v 8ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

The UB1280 is one of the most popular small sealed lead acid batteries on the market, it shares the same size and use as the 12v 7ah and 12v 7.2 amp hour batteries as interestingly these were the precursor to the ub1280.  The UB1270 (pictured below) while once very popular has fallen out of favor with customers as you can obtain an additional amp-hour in the UB1280 at a lower cost because of the economies of scale (more UB1280′s are produced, therefore they are cheaper).

12v 7ah battery

the precursor to the UB1280


The UB1280 (the 12v  8ah replacement for the UB1270)  is pictured below:

Note that this is the same size and shape as the UB1270. Additionally, the 12v 9ah UB1290 can replace either the 1270 or 1280 for those looking for more amp hours.


UB1290 12v 9ah Battery


If you have more questions about the UB1270, UB1280 or UB1290 call Apex Superstores @ 855-888-2739 to discuss which will work best for  your application.